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The Christmas Contest Is Now Over. Check Back For Future GIVEAWAYS!

As we head into the holiday, I know some in the community are feeling the pinch

of a hard 2020 year.

I'd like to help 10 families in my community with $100 each.

Just enter your email and on 12/23 10 winners will be randomly chosen and alerted that they have won the Christmas Cash Contest.

Please don't email me as I won't have time to reply. Simply wait 3 seconds and a box will appear. Then just enter your email. As long as you spelled it right and hit enter, you are in the contest.

Best of luck!

Thanks for being in my community as I help people become their best self, work towards their goals, improve their relationships and better understand them selves.

You might also want to check out my husband Steve's website.

Merry Christmas! Thanks for being in my community.!!


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