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I empower women to overcome intimacy anxieties, guiding them to discover their desires, creating a joyous, fulfilling, and growth-oriented marriage.

Can I just say WOW!
I honestly didn’t know what to expect starting my in-to-me-see coaching with Kacey! Right away I needed to change my mindset. I was viewing myself and my husband in a way that was impacting our intimacy. BUT… the knowledge, resources and truth-talk I experienced with Kacey has begun a beautiful journey of empowerment!
Kacey challenged me in ways that have helped me grow personally and spiritually. I was seeing changes in myself and marriage within a few coaching sessions!

I highly recommend Kacey to anyone who is struggling with intimacy and ready to do the work of really looking inside themselves for the solution.

Cheneil, Married 16 Years, Texas


What is intimacy? How do we achieve it? I believe that in order to maintain true intimacy, we have to become knowable to our spouse and also be a safe place for our partner to be truly seen.

"We do not pick our perfect match because we ourselves are not perfect. The universe hands us a flawless diamond—in the rough. Only if we are willing to polish off every part of ourselves that cannot join do we end up with a soul mate."

-Dr. David Schnarch

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