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Hi Kasey. I'm 71. What you say about your spouse can't make you feel a certain way is so true.. We own our feelings. I want to mention that some women just aren't marriage types, like me. I tried it and realized I was happier alone. I could have stayed plenty of money, etc. But I was miserable. Now, I live on 800. a month and have no car but my days are enjoyable. Sadly, my grandchildren won't get gifts this Christmas but they know I love them. Please mention if a women is hit once, that's too much. Luckily, I didn't have that issue. Be safe, and Merry Christmas. Say hi to Stephen for me😄 He's the only video person I watch aboutababoutababoutababoutaaboutababoutababoutababouta shoot, can't fix that. About the stimulus. He gives facts. No shouting at the camera. Now I will enjoy yours. Bye for now,


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